It’s a racket! The lively, un-quiet ocean of clicks, whistles, rumbles and more…

MareCet’s bioacoustician Saliza Bono and Kovin, a volunteer, securing the hydrophones’ cables to lead weights
Saliza sat amongst volunteers Tâm and Qin Ling, who are holding the hydrophones as she records acoustic data
Sound of a volcano erupting underwater
A chorus of grunting fish
Blasts from a seismic air gun during a seismic survey
Clicks and whistles of bottlenose dolphins
Saliza, recording data as the speakers play the sounds being recorded. She is keeping her ears peeled for any dolphins’ clicks and whistles as well as the sounds of boat engines
A seismic exploration vessel, used to survey the ocean floors to locate sources of crude oil and gas. Source: Wikimedia Commons
A loud ship (the screeching, ringing noise) overpowering the sounds made by orcas (sounds like squeaky calls)
A mass stranding of false killer whales in Western Australia. Source: Wikimedia Commons
Saliza working through and analyzing the spectrogram to pick out sounds that the dolphins have produced. She is looking out for sounds like clicks, whistles and grunts, to name a few
A tourist on a jet ski was observed speeding past this mother and calf pair of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins repeatedly off Pantai Tengah, Langkawi, Malaysia, oblivious to the presence of the animals. This photo was taken by the MareCet team in February 2020
A speed zone signage in Sarasota, Florida, USA, reminding boaters to maintain a no-wake speed as the area is home to manatees
The MareCet team recording acoustic data and observing the behaviour of a group of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in Perlis, Malaysia; one of the deployed hydrophone’s cable is visible in the photograph



MareCet is an NGO dedicated to the research and conservation of marine mammals and their habitats in Malaysia.

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